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Common Toff

A platform for me to ramble about the things that make me happy, make me think, inspire me, etc. I suppose this is a kind of diary, but one I’d like to share with you.


Founder and author of Common Toff.

I’m a pretty regular 20-something in that grey zone after graduating uni and before fully settling down. I guess some might call it a quarter-life crisis… but I’m just out here exploring the world, exploring myself, facing challenges and successes and loving it. Experience this alongside me, laugh at me, find young-adult life stuff you can relate to, be inspired and share your own journeys too.

The irony surrounding ‘Common Toff’ alludes to the fact that I am a perfectly normal and average human being with a posh voice and an unaffordably expensive taste.


I am always interested to hear your ideas for collaborations, reviews or posts, so please leave me comments or contact me. Thank you!


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