Passion Project: The Big Reveal

Passion Project: The Big Reveal Reading Time: 3 minutes

Okay… it’s time… I feel like I’m confident and ready enough to share my Passion Project with you all… finally!!

I am starting my own sustainable, ethical, aesthetic, European activewear brand

(phewwww mouthful)

Ohhhhh my goodness, I’ve been using the phrase “I’m thinking of starting” for so long, that “I AM starting” feels quite daunting! But it all starts with mindset, hey!? That’s what the business people say.

So yesss that’s my news, I am currently building this baby of mine called


(from the Scottish Gaelic for ‘live’ – half my blood is Scottish so it’s a nod to that. I changed the accent for pronunciation reasons, read: “bay-o”. hehe.)

And I am soooo excited about it. I love this little project with all my heart already, and it’s only just the beginning.

Why? Because it literally pulls all my passions into one: fitness; aesthetic; digital media; fashion; travel (as will become clear); and a planet I have had the fortune of exploring in all its beauty and extreme vulnerability.

I will say, this is by far not a ‘launch’ announcement, rather it is an ‘idea’ announcement. Albeit a now-concrete idea.

It came to me several months back, and I just wanted to sit on it for a while: do a little research; ensure it was a genuine passion project rather than just a phase. And now I know that this is going to happen – in fact, it is happening as we speak.

So yeah… there it is: Béo out in the open! And that is where I intend it to stay. This is why I’m announcing the idea: Béo, as a start-up brand, is going to be super transparent. In true Ailsa-nature, I want to be as open and honest about every step along the journey, with you.

So often entrepreneurs tell their ‘start-up stories’ in hindsight – from a place of success. My Start-Up Diaries, are going to be during the process… and believe me, it’s going to be a long and challenging one.

But I really hope that by keeping you guys in the loop, you will not only feel a part of the growth of this little baby (because believe me, you absolutely are), but may also be encouraged to start your own.

You can see me face the challenges, make the mistakes, and celebrate the highs – so that you can prepare for all these on your own journeys, should you wish to take that leap!!

So anyway, this was just a quick opener to my Start-Up Diaries…. my next couple of posts will cover where the idea came from – and then also, where I’ve got to so far.

So stay tuned, and welcome to this journey!! Let’s build Béo together!

(Gosh, sorry if that was mega cringe…. my excitement levels are just super high right now. If you couldn’t tell…)

A x

P.S. – If you fancy being part of my Béo ‘roots’ team (helping with ideas, finding stuff out early etc), send me a DM on Instagram!! x