Sweet Goodness: Candy Kittens

Sweet Goodness: Candy Kittens

For those of you who follow my Instagram, you may have seen my story a little while back in which I spoke to the camera for the first time- huuuuugely embarrassing. I assure you all that I enjoy the sound of my own voice no more than anybody else- but I figured it was something I needed to get over, and my new Candy Kittens affiliation was the prime time to take the plunge. That said, I apologise to those who listened and cringed as I did.

I promised, in this story, to explain my new membership of Candy Kittens’ #SweetSquad. Basically, I am a social media ambassador for these London-based treats; an online promoter of their brand. When I joined I was the 34th member of a group of girls, all with beautiful Instagrams- trust me, just search #SweetSquad on Insta and pick out those who aren’t a part of this other, slightly more gross community of #sweatsquad and who apparently can’t spell – that’s not us!

This means that once a month the Candy Kittens HQ send out boxes of goodies to us all and we share photos or write blog posts like this one, in order to spread their name to a larger audience. Social media is such a growing force in the marketing world and its easy to see why- the networks it creates are so intricate and far reaching that a brand can share its name with vast populations of people super quickly. This is actually an area of marketing I am currently exploring for a potential career path, because I honestly find it incredible.

I do, however, want to let you know that my promotion of Candy Kittens is 100% sincere. I am not being paid, other than in sweets (which is rather marvellous of course), so I have no hidden financial incentive. I am actually a big fan of the brand- I love that they are London based and employ young people and interns at a time when finding a paid, exciting job in London as an undergrad is something extremely difficult.

I also love that Candy Kittens contain only natural colours and flavours and are all gluten free. They feel sophisticated and far healthier than other sweets around. I must admit that I am actually not a sweetie person, I am totally a chocolate person and always have been, yet I really enjoy Candy Kittens- I can taste that they are of a higher quality than so many other confectionery brands.

To explain how different Candy Kittens are, I’ll use my mum as an example. She is a sweetie-hater, honestly, she used to purge our trick-or-treat bags of sweets after a Halloween scavenge, leaving us with the chocolate and binning the teeth-damaging things. Yet, I’ve caught her on numerous occasions nabbing a Sour Watermelon Candy Kitten- her walls her breaking, even if she doesn’t want to admit it!

Not only is the Candy Kitten range naturally coloured and flavoured as well as being gluten free, but they are branching out into other dietary specifications, and are beginning to launch a new vegan range. They sent me their new Sweet Peach flavour. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed the difference between normal and vegetarian Percy Pigs, but the vegetarian ones are far less stick-to-your teeth kind of chewy- and that’s exactly why I prefer them. Its a very similar difference with the vegan Candy Kittens, and whilst I would put Sour Watermelon as my favourite flavour, I definitely prefer the texture of the vegan Sweet Peach.

I was sent two versions of Candy Kitten’s new packaging this month. I took some on a picnic recently and enjoyed munching my way through a Pop Bag of Wild Strawberry. Like a packet of Walker’s Tear n’ Share, The Pop Bag is a perfect substitute for a bowl when you’re on the go.

They also sent me their new gift tube which makes for such a pretty present and could be wrapped up like a bottle for any big kids you might know!

You can buy Candy Kittens online– which seems weird… online shopping for sweets? But it is a thing apparently! Alternatively, they’re in numerous supermarkets (including Waitrose which I feel must give them some added credit) as well as Topshop, WHSmith, etc – in fact you can find who stocks Candy Kittens near you here.

Anyway, I’ll reiterate that my promotion of Candy Kittens is not backed by any kind of financial incentive, but by a genuine appreciation of the company and its products. You can expect to see other flavours, ranges and packaging popping up on my Instagram in future, but for now- come and see me for sweeties, I need you to save me from myself!